Wedding fireworks

Nothing adds drama to an occasion like a spectacular fireworks display, and including fireworks in your wedding day is becoming increasingly popular. Depending on the time of day and the season that you get married, you could have a firework display at the end of the ceremony, at the beginning of your reception, or as you make your grand departure.

Aren’t wedding fireworks expensive?

Although the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ does ring true, professional wedding firework displays are more affordable than they used to be. There are various factors that will affect the price of your firework display:

The length of the display

The longer the firework display the more expensive it will be. Remember that although guests will enjoy watching a firework display, it will lose its impact after a short time and they will want to return to eating, drinking, dancing or chatting. A display of five to ten minutes will be enough to delight your guests without costing you a fortune. It’s better to have a short, high quality display, than a longer one with fewer simultaneous sequences.

The variety of effects and sequences

The more complex and spectacular the firework display the more expensive it will be. Work with your chosen pyrotechnic team to make sure they are basing the display on your favourite fireworks and effects, which may not necessarily be the most expensive ones.

The degree of customisation

Most suppliers of wedding fireworks have standard displays that come at a fixed price. Having a customised display, such as one that only uses the colours of your wedding theme, may be beautiful but it will generally be pricier.

Whether the display is set to music

Music brings a firework display to life, and having a professional fireworks display choreographed to ‘your song’ can be incredibly romantic. However, having a new display set to music will be very expensive. Using a song that the supplier has already produced a firework display for will greatly reduce your costs

Wedding fireworks – alternatives and extra surprises

Indoor fireworks

You may think that you need an outdoor venue and a dark night sky to include fireworks in your wedding, but it is possible to have limited indoor fireworks, such as silver fountains in the centre of the tables. Always check with the venue before you book these.

Low noise fireworks

If your venue has noise restrictions, or you just don’t like loud bangs it is possible to have quiet displays specially designed.

Fire writing

Either before, after, or during a firework display, it can be a lovely touch to have your and your new husband’s names or initials written in fire, either side of a flaming heart.

Surprise fireworks

Wedding firework displays are often booked as a surprise for the couple, perhaps by a close friend or relative. Most pyrotechnic companies will work with the venue to stage a surprise display, and will use unmarked vehicles and safety gear when setting up.

Wedding floating candles

Water and candle light are an incredibly romantic combination, and including floating candles in your wedding decor can add to the atmosphere of your big day. Here are ten top tips on using wedding floating candles as beautiful and original wedding decorations

Keep it simple

A simple bowl of floating candles makes as exquisite centrepiece, especially for an evening or winter wedding. Find a shallow bowl, so the water candles are the main attraction. This centrepiece has the advantage that guests can easily see and talk over it, unlike many flower arrangements.

Mix flowers and candles

Try adding extra floating decorations such as flower heads, rose petals, or blossom to your centrepieces. You could also look for silver stars that float, to add sparkle to your arrangements.

Fill your water vessel

If you fill a tall clear glass vase with water, and float some candles in the top, you can add other objects to the vase to create a beautiful centrepiece. Fruit is a fresh choice, and lemons, limes and cherries work particularly well. You could also add real or glass pebbles or flowers that will keep their shape in water.

Choose purpose made vases

Look for special vases or containers that have a dry section for ornaments and accessories, and a separate section to be filled with water for floating candles.

Combine colour and scent

Look for a variety of coloured floating candles to complement your wedding theme, and choose lightly scented candles to gently fragrance your reception. Just be sure the scent from the candles won’t clash with the fragrance of your flowers.

Vary your candle height

Give your candle arrangements a modern edge by grouping three or more glass vases of different heights and floating candles in each one. If you are having banquet style tables, vases of varying heights can be arranged in a line along the centre of the tables.

Use water candles in your ceremony

Don’t restrict your use of floating candles to the reception; a bowl of floating candles on each side of the aisle can add to the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony.

Use coloured water

If you can’t find floating candles in the right shade for your wedding colour scheme, try floating simple ivory candles in slightly coloured water instead. Food colouring is all you need to create coloured water that will give a new dimension to your wedding decorations.

Float candles on a pool

If you are having an outdoor wedding and your venue has some sort of water feature such as a pond, lake, or fountain, make sure you float some candles on it. Not only will they look stunning once the sun goes down, they will also stop your guests from falling in!

Check your venue’s candle policy

Always ask your venue before you start buying hundreds of floating candles for your wedding decorations. Some venues don’t allow candles at all for health and safety reasons, but they may be more willing to accommodate floating candles than regular candles as they will go out if they are tipped over

What is a wedding stylist and do I need one

For couples who dream of having a beautifully adorned and visually impressive wedding, but are time poor – or don’t quite have the creative knack, wedding stylists provide the perfect solution. But what are they – and what do they do?

The role of a wedding stylist may seem a little ambiguous, however, what they do is simply defined: a wedding stylist is a person who will turn your creative vision for your big day into a reality. They handle all the aesthetic components, such as choosing the decorations and flowers but also handle everything from dressing the venue to dressing the bridal party. 

Is a wedding stylist the same thing as a wedding planner?

No. While it’s true that there may be some crossover between tasks that a wedding stylist performs and those that a wedding planner would do, they are actually fundamentally different roles. A wedding planner is typically in charge of the overall organization of a wedding; from the arrival of the cake to ferrying of the guests from hither to yon, and everything in-between.

Not unlike a professional stylist to the stars, a wedding stylist has a focused scope; he or she is responsible for the aesthetics of a wedding. This can encompass anything that has to do with the overall appearance of a wedding, from choosing the colours of the decorations and assisting in selecting bridal party looks, to helping find the perfect back drops for ceremonies and photographs.

So, what exactly does a wedding stylist do?

What a wedding stylist does depends very much on what the bride and groom want.

While there are many couples who have a clear idea about what look they are trying to achieve for their wedding, there are many more who either don’t have the faintest idea, or would prefer to hand the reins over to a trusted professional.

Generally speaking, the more you are agonizing over the aesthetic details of your wedding, the more you will get out of hiring a wedding stylist. Specifically, those couples who want to turn over the stress of having to choose a theme, or those who admit to not having the slightest clue how to execute the look they desire, would benefit most from hiring a wedding stylist.

If you have a keen idea of what you like or have already decided on a few key elements for your wedding (like the colour of the bridesmaid dresses or the type of flowers you want at the event), a wedding stylist can provide a non-partisan opinion about your choices, and even offer some suggestions that might enhance your ideas!

A great example of this is colour. Often, people get stuck in a single mindset when thinking about what colours they would like at their wedding. A seasoned wedding stylist can offer suggestions as to how to make the most of your colour choices by strategically adding contrasting shades and unexpected touches

What’s the first step in hiring a wedding stylist?

The most important first step in bringing a wedding stylist on board is to get to know your tastes as a couple. It is a great idea to put together a “mood board” (a collection of images that speak to both of you) to bring with you to give a potential wedding stylist an idea of where you are coming from style-wise.

Think of hiring a wedding stylist as an interview process. Visit as many as you need, listen to what they have to say, and make sure that in turn, they listen to you. Taking your time to find the right person for the job will ensure that you are bringing aboard a person who will work well as a member of your team – an essential element in pulling-off a beautiful and memorable wedding!

Wedding chair covers

We’ve all seen that look on our fiance’s face when we’re discussing the wedding budget and we mention wedding chair covers. They’re not totally sure if we’re serious or not, and they can’t possibly understand that an item such as a chair cover will really make a difference to the big day.

Well it’s time for them to realise that wedding chair covers are becoming essential to many wedding receptions for two very important reasons.

  1. They allow you to cover rental chairs that may be in poor condition, may not all match, or may simply not be in keeping with the look you are trying to achieve with your wedding decorations.
  2. They allow you to make your wedding chairs a design feature rather than simply a functional piece of furniture. You can achieve a seamless theme throughout your wedding linen and you can add chair sashes or other colourful touches that co-ordinate with your flowers and table accessories.

Do I need to hire wedding chair covers?

Whether or not you have to hire wedding chair covers depends on the venue you are using, and whether you are using a wedding decorator. If your venue is frequently used for weddings or other high class functions, they may well have a selection of simple wedding chair covers, probably in plain white, which you can use as part of their overall service. Check the quality and condition of these, and if you are happy, you may only need to hire accessories such as wedding chair sashes to complement your colour scheme.

If you are employing a wedding decorator to arrange your linen and reception decorations, they should offer wedding chair covers and sashes as part of their package. If you are hiring chair covers yourself be sure to get the exact measurements of the wedding chairs from your venue; you don’t want your design vision to be spoilt by poorly fitting covers.

When you hire wedding chair covers independently, you will be charged an extra fee per cover if you want someone to come and actually fit them on the chairs. If you have someone to do this for you, or the venue is willing to do it, the rental cost can be significantly reduced, but you may not get such a professional end result.

When you get a quote for wedding chair cover rental, check whether fitting is included or not. Some companies ask you to hire a minimum number of chair covers before they will agree to have someone fit them for you.

Types of wedding chair covers

Most companies that hire out wedding chair covers will have a basic white cover that fits most standard stacking chairs. This is usually the most cost effective option, and chairs can be dressed up with coloured sashes in organza or taffeta to co-ordinate with your chosen colour scheme.

A more professional look can be achieved by upgrading to a heavier, patterned or textured material such as damask. This will hang better over the chair, but be careful with this type of fabric as it is less likely to stretch and so it may not fit over the particular chairs at your venue. It is usually more expensive to hire than a basic cover, but if it fits properly, it makes up for the expense in style.

For a really luxurious look to your reception, satin wrap chair covers offer the ultimate in elegance and sophistication. Although they are the most expensive option, they are more versatile as they will fit almost any chair, including high backed chairs. They tend to come in a wider range of colours, so there may be a wrap to complement your colour scheme without the need to hire separate chair sashes.