Lighting your wedding reception

Even the most beautiful wedding scheme can be ruined by the wrong lighting; especially harsh white or wedding lighting yellow overhead lights. If you are getting married during the day, the lights at your venue might be the last thing you check, but if it’s an overcast day or your reception is carrying on into the evening, you will need to pay attention to the lighting options on offer at your venue.

If you aren’t totally happy with the lights provided, or you just want to add a new dimension to your wedding decorations, here are some popular ideas for lighting your wedding reception.

Modern Lighting Ideas

Coloured mood lighting is currently in vogue, and works especially well for those hiring a modern, minimalist venue decorated with a neutral colour scheme. The idea is to light your whole venue in one colour, and then change the colour to reflect the various stages of the wedding. You could choose warm orange for the drinks reception, calming green for dinner, vibrant red for the cake cutting, and velvety purple for the dancing.


Wedding rose petals

Rose petals are becoming an increasingly popular wedding decoration, and with roses symbolising love, joy, and beauty, it is hardly surprising that brides want to include them in their weddings. There are plenty of companies that specialise in preserved or freeze dried rose petals that can be used on your big day without losing their colour or shape.

Here are the answers to four of the questions that are commonly asked about wedding rose petals:

What are rose petals used for?

Wedding rose petals have a wide variety of uses, but their main function is a natural alternative to paper confetti. Many venues no longer allow traditional rice or confetti, so brides are choosing rose petals instead, which are completely biodegradable. Petals can be placed in attractive envelopes, bags or cones, and handed out to guests as they arrive at the ceremony.

Another possible use for rose petals is to create a petal strewn aisle for your processional. The rose petals can be arranged in advance of the wedding, or a flower girl can be the first down the

Rustic weddings 101

Rustic weddings are always popular wedding theme choice, especially among couples who want a cool, relaxed vibe on their big day.

But what is a rustic wedding? We explain below – and show you how pull off a brilliant one!

What is a rustic wedding?

Though the idea of a rustic wedding has been of particular interest over the past few years, the fact is, it’s a timeless wedding theme that has been around for, well, ages. Rustic weddings have a strong country, garden or farm-like influence and they tend to feature lots of natural textures such as bark, and various organic materials and fibres.
Rustic weddings are somewhat casual and are often held in venues such as barns, farms, mountain lodges or ranches. In fact, anywhere that incorporates the great outdoors or the countryside is a perfect fit for a rustic theme.

The décor tends to incorporate lots of natural elements including wood, burlap, wild flowers, fruits and the like. It can be a little bit shabby and using a lot of mismatched

Wedding fireworks

Nothing adds drama to an occasion like a spectacular fireworks display, and including fireworks in your wedding day is becoming increasingly popular. Depending on the time of day and the season that you get married, you could have a firework display at the end of the ceremony, at the beginning of your reception, or as you make your grand departure.

Aren’t wedding fireworks expensive?

Although the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ does ring true, professional wedding firework displays are more affordable than they used to be. There are various factors that will affect the price of your firework display:

The length of the display

The longer the firework display the more expensive it will be. Remember that although guests will enjoy watching a firework display, it will lose its impact after a short time and they will want to return to eating, drinking, dancing or chatting. A display of five to ten minutes will be enough to delight your guests without costing you a fortune. It’s better to have a short, high quality display, than a longer one with fewer simultaneous sequences.

The variety of effects and sequences

The more complex and spectacular the firework display the more expensive

Wedding floating candles

Water and candle light are an incredibly romantic combination, and including floating candles in your wedding decor can add to the atmosphere of your big day. Here are ten top tips on using wedding floating candles as beautiful and original wedding decorations

Keep it simple

A simple bowl of floating candles makes as exquisite centrepiece, especially for an evening or winter wedding. Find a shallow bowl, so the water candles are the main attraction. This centrepiece has the advantage that guests can easily see and talk over it, unlike many flower arrangements.

Mix flowers and candles

Try adding extra floating decorations such as flower heads, rose petals, or blossom to your centrepieces. You could also look for silver stars that float, to add sparkle to your arrangements.

Fill your water vessel

If you fill a tall clear glass vase with water, and float some candles in the top, you can add other objects to the vase to create a beautiful centrepiece. Fruit is a fresh choice, and lemons, limes and cherries work particularly well. You could also add real or glass pebbles or flowers that will keep their shape in water.

Choose purpose made vases

Look for special vases or containers that have a

What is a wedding stylist and do I need one

For couples who dream of having a beautifully adorned and visually impressive wedding, but are time poor – or don’t quite have the creative knack, wedding stylists provide the perfect solution. But what are they – and what do they do?

The role of a wedding stylist may seem a little ambiguous, however, what they do is simply defined: a wedding stylist is a person who will turn your creative vision for your big day into a reality. They handle all the aesthetic components, such as choosing the decorations and flowers but also handle everything from dressing the venue to dressing the bridal party. 

Is a wedding stylist the same thing as a wedding planner?

No. While it’s true that there may be some crossover between tasks that a wedding stylist performs and those that a wedding planner would do, they are actually fundamentally different roles. A wedding planner is typically in charge of the overall organization of a wedding; from the arrival of the cake to ferrying of the guests from hither to yon, and everything in-between.

Not unlike a professional stylist to the stars, a wedding stylist has a focused scope;

Wedding chair covers

We’ve all seen that look on our fiance’s face when we’re discussing the wedding budget and we mention wedding chair covers. They’re not totally sure if we’re serious or not, and they can’t possibly understand that an item such as a chair cover will really make a difference to the big day.

Well it’s time for them to realise that wedding chair covers are becoming essential to many wedding receptions for two very important reasons.

  1. They allow you to cover rental chairs that may be in poor condition, may not all match, or may simply not be in keeping with the look you are trying to achieve with your wedding decorations.
  2. They allow you to make your wedding chairs a design feature rather than simply a functional piece of furniture. You can achieve a seamless theme throughout your wedding linen and you can add chair sashes or other colourful touches that co-ordinate with your flowers and table accessories.

Do I need to hire wedding chair covers?

Whether or not you have to hire wedding chair covers depends on the venue you are using, and whether you are using a wedding decorator. If your venue is frequently used for weddings or other

Wedding decoration ideas

Everyone knows that they should decorate the dining tables for the wedding reception and that there should be flowers and candles for the ceremony, but how about all those other places your guests will be spending time during your wedding day? There are plenty of wedding decoration ideas for other parts of your venue. –

Make an impression with the entrance

The entrance to your venue will be the first thing your guests see, and it will make a statement about what they can expect from the rest of your wedding. Be big and bold in your entrance decorations. Use some form of lighting, whether that is dramatic flaming torches, romantic hanging lanterns, or cute fairy lights. Use potted plants or trees on either side of the entrance and add some flowers or coloured posters inside the hallway to continue the great impression.

Jazz up the bar

The chances are your guests will spend a fair amount of time in the bar so you will want to make it as attractive as possible. If the space is a little empty try hiring an old fashioned juke box, a photo booth,

Wedding decorating ideas

If you’re trying to conjure up some original wedding decorating ideas but are stuck for inspiration, these contemporary wedding decoration tips should get the ideas flowing

If you want tall dramatic centrepieces, but still want your guests to be able to see each other, look for tall candelabras and just have a single flowered garland twisted around the stem. Alternatively have flowers arranged in giant martini glasses so guests can chat underneath them. Finally you could choose low arrangements for the tables and just have a couple of towering arrangements in the corners of the room, or either side of the top table.

Place mirrors strategically around your reception venue to maximize your decorations and make your venue appear larger. This works especially well if you have a lot of colour and are using lights, candles, or sparkly accessories such as crystals.

Make a decorative feature of the food you serve by paying attention to what it looks like and what it is served on. Choose colour co-ordinated canap?s and have them stacked on cakes stand style plates, or served on glass boxes full of rose petals or coloured pebbles. Combine large platters

Wedding decorations the latest trends

There are so many options when it comes to wedding decorations that it is often hard to know where to begin. You want your wedding venue to bring a tear to your eye when you arrive, and to really make a statement about your taste and style as a couple

To a certain extent, the possibilities for wedding decorations will be determined by your choice of venue, the number of guests and the space available, and whether you are having a lunchtime or evening wedding.

It may be that you want to employ a wedding decorator who will be able to provide all the decorations you need from the table linen to the centrepieces. On the other hand, you may want to work with the venue on the basic layout and table dressing, and then add personal touches of your own, working with your florist.

However you choose to arrange your wedding decorations, there are a number of trends you should be aware of if you want to keep your reception up to date and contemporary.

What colour schemes are currently in style for wedding decorations?

Whilst the traditional

Dos and don’ts for wedding flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and visually appealing part of any wedding. From bouquets to centrepieces and beyond, they bring a sense of style, scent and sophistication to a theme and colour scheme. That said, they can be tricky to pull off. So with this in mind, we’ve compiled a handy list of dos and don’ts to help you plan a blooming lovely celebration.


Give your florist a colour palette to work with, rather than insisting on specific flowers. This will allow them to create a stunning design that falls within your budget, since they know how to work around factors such as the time of year and the season, both of which play a key role in the availability, and thus price, of certain blooms.


Use floral displays to cover up less polished-looking parts of the venue, such as the fire exit. All you’ll really do is make sure they draw the eye of your guests. Instead, use your flowers to draw attention to the breathtaking parts of the room, such as the tables, the cake or even the dance floor.


Make sure

Wedding colour themes

The colour scheme of your wedding will be one of the earliest decisions you make as it will influence the overall feel of your big day. Bold colours have been a key wedding trend in recent years and making sure you select the right combination is crucial to the overall look of your wedding. Many brides already have a couple of possible wedding colour themes in mind.

Here are a few of the ways to choose your wedding colours:

Check out your wedding venue

If you have a dream wedding venue in mind, the decor might influence your choice of colour. If the venue is decorated in bright strong colours, you might want to choose very simple colours such as white or cream to tone it down, or you may want to pick lighter shades of the venue colours. If, on the other hand, you know you want bold bright wedding colours, you should consider a plain and simple venue such as a pure white marquee.

The style of your venue might also influence the wedding colour scheme. If you have chosen a rural setting with garden views, fresh floral wedding colours would be an obvious choice. If, however, your